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Audio Asia: Monophonik weaves a mystical spell on 'Time Flies'

Playing fast & loose with genres on the gloriously fluid 'Loose Ends' EP


  • Patrizio Cavaliere | Powered by Pioneer DJ
  • 1 March 2022
Audio Asia: Monophonik weaves a mystical spell on 'Time Flies'

Title: Time Flies
Artist: Monophonik
Label: Qilla Records
Release Date: March 4

Shatrunjai Rai Dewan assumes his Monophonik guise for his latest release on Qilla Records, swooping in with a quartet of synth-heavy rhythmic meditations on the 'Loose Ends' EP.

Producer, live performer, and general modular synth enthusiast, Monophonik, is known for his deep dives into machine-driven musical concepts, fusing analogue gear with contemporary digital tools in an endless quest for sonic perfection. Maintaining focus on the musical jewels of harmony, melody, and rhythm, his complex work is routinely inventive and rich in imagery. His return to New Delhi-based Qilla features four varied cuts that elegantly fit his far-reaching production mould. Morphing from scattered jungle rhythms via 'Tides' into the floating techno melodies of 'Downstream', before blending rolling breaks with a sturdy four/four spine on the ethereal club stomper of the title track – each track exhibits a cosmic flare and an aptitude for conjuring vivid atmospherics. We've opted to play you EP opener, 'Time Flies', where saucer-eyed vocal chops cascade over gently rolling breaks as astral arpeggios glide through waves of celestial pads. The rhythm intensifies as bass notes growl from the depths, creating an energetic crescendo as the synth lines flex and undulate.

The 'Loose Ends' EP evolves throughout, refusing to fit neatly in rigid genre definitions as it effortlessly flows across rhythmic boundaries, representing fine work across the board from the intriguing producer.

Monophonik 'Loose Ends' is released via all streaming platforms on March 4. You can buy it here

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