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Pamcy: “I wanted to make a mix that feels like cool wind on a hot summer day”

Pamcy delivers breezy bumps ‘n’ grooves for Mixmag Asia Radio

  • Charles Budd
  • 9 June 2021
Pamcy: “I wanted to make a mix that feels like cool wind on a hot summer day”

Following up from her tasty 2021 release ‘Sauce Aisle’ on Japanese imprint Jun Records, Filipino DJ and producer has dropped in at Mixmag Asia with some seriously cool and breezy house vibes that couldn’t be more fitting for the summer heat that’s kicked in across the region.

Pamela Beatrice Fernandez aka Pamcy is no stranger or newcomer to the scene — she just likes to hide away in the studio, a lot. Music means a lot of things to Pamcy, maybe it’s a form of escapism or maybe she just prefers to sync her life in music and let it flow. “Music is like a scrapbook of fragments from my life and music that I enjoy listening to”, explains Pamcy, “I have a DIY approach to making house music and whenever I'm on my DAW, it feels like I'm making a collage out of sounds I emulate from other tracks and random samples in my drive.”

Her recent EP ‘Sauce Aisle’ hit the sweet spot of something that is highly lacking from the region — smooth and refined house music. Despite the last year and more being a struggle for artists, Pamcy managed to dig deep into sentimental ethers of her soul, touching on matters of life that are dear to her, such as eating and cooking. “House music inspired by cooking?”, I asked. “It felt strange to create something during quarantine amid all the chaos happening, but I wanted to make something good out of the delight I get from cooking and eating good food. When I finished the EP in September, I was just glad that I was able to finish a project I enjoyed creating quietly on my own.”

She’s come a long way since starting out about five years ago making beats, particularly with her openness to performing. “A few years later, I started getting invited to play at gigs and I didn't know how to perform live, so I learned how to DJ. Eventually I became an open-format DJ and I learned a lot from playing a more diverse range of music. That helped me see what else I can do with my music and how I can expand my sound.”

The greatest takeaway Pamcy offers is the level of colour and vibrancy that exudes from her collage of sounds. She takes her inspiration from a wide range of artists which would explain her approach and style — right now, Pamcy says she is “currently listening to Las Vegas-based artist ISOLA, Malaysian artist Shelhiel, Peruvian artist Sofia Kourtesis, New York producer AceMo, Sydney-based producer AHJU and K-pop group SHINee.”

Keeping in line with her sentimental approach to making music, Pamcy describes her set for Mixmag Asia Radio, “It's currently summer in the Philippines and I've been enjoying afternoon walks lately. I wanted to make a mix that feels like cool wind on a hot summer day.”

It’s the start of summer, and we have the perfect sunny delight to get you going. Tune into Mixmag Asia Radio 066 with Filipino DJ and producer Pamcy below.

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