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Mixmag Asia Radio: Mocid delivers hypnotic & cosmic techno

NB: Don't ask him for free drinks at gigs

  • Charles Budd
  • 22 February 2023
Mixmag Asia Radio: Mocid delivers hypnotic & cosmic techno

Meet Mocid, the galactic-travelling guise of Mohit Tyagi.

Hailing from New Delhi, India, Mocid is known for revelling in rapid and pulsating techno, which he exemplified in his recent release ‘Bioterror’ on Portuguese label Trau-ma, which dropped at the end of last year. He's quickly proven that his uncompromising approach delivers powerful rhythmic and mental sequences that lead to hypnotic realms.

Get to know the space and time travelling artist Mocid by hitting play below.

Where are you based and how did you get there?

I’m born and raised in New Delhi, India. Been exploring and producing music since then.

What’s your favourite thing about the music scene there?

In all honesty, the music scene in India is constantly evolving. A lot of Indian artists are also represented worldwide in techno, house and electronic. More than that, India has always valued art & culture since history. So to grow here fundamentally and musically is a privilege.

In five words, what do your DJ sets sound like?

Tribal, groovy, rhythmic, hard, percussive.

And in three words, how would you describe yourself?

Curious, energetic and enthusiastic.

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What recent trends in music have you been paying attention to? Have you caught onto them?

I’ve been playing more fast and groovy-hypnotic music which touches on tribal and psychedelic.

Are there any producers and DJs in Asia that have recently caught your attention?

SHFT from India, who’s been a great mentor to me. Not only has he guided me musically but also technically in terms of understanding the depth of music science.

Ecilo, from Indonesia, is my favourite for targeting the audience with dancefloor oriented rhythms with Detroit-style origination. He’s also released his music on the record labels that I regularly follow and play tracks from in my country as well.

Wata Igarashi, a Japanese pioneer who caught my attention when I heard his blend of hypnotic techno with a flavour of psychedelia & deep euphoric rhythms. I first heard him 3 years ago which inspired me to follow the sound that I’m playing now. The inspiration was triggered when I heard his set on YouTube & gradually went into a state of active meditation.

Describe one prediction you have about dance music in a post-pandemic world that’s being driven by new technologies.

The music scene has suffered in some ways but then it's growing again with new subgenres and good artists coming and touring across the country.

Tell us about the inspiration behind this mix - what drove your thoughts and emotions, and how did you curate your selection?

I have been very much inspired by the artists that I have mentioned. I designed this set to be groovy and strictly stick to the sounds I have been digging for.

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What equipment did you record this mix on?

I have used Pioneer DDJ1000 connected with Rekordbox.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen happening from the DJ booth?

Well, random people showing up asking for free drinks and asking for some annoying sounds too.

Where can we hear you playing next?

Next performances include shows in Indore, New Delhi and Kolkata.

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