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Mixmag Asia Premiere: Ecilo 'Future Acid Poem'

Jacking acid techno from the Jakarta-based producer

  • Mixmag Asia Crew
  • 26 March 2020
Mixmag Asia Premiere: Ecilo 'Future Acid Poem'

Title: Future Acid Poem
Artist: Ecilo
Label: Visillusion
Release: April 17

While Ecilo's roots may extend deep into p-funk and heavy soul, the Jakarta native's studio sound has more in common with the sonic landscape carved out by the motor city techno pioneers than that of fellow resident George Clinton. Having said that, by definition Detroit techno is, by varying measures, a blend of freakish soul and industrial futurism, and Ecilo's sound captures this essence in authentic style.

Having started his music career back in 2008, Ecilo has a stream of releases on labels including Plastic City, Metrohm, Expressway, and Opilec under his belt, and he now returns to Visillusion to share a belting six-track release with regular wingman Thomas Barnett. The 'Low Tech Funk EP' is packed with dance-floor ammunition, and each track is endowed with enough Michigan-rich personality to ensure it stands out from the crowded market place.

Our pick to play you here is the no-nonsense acid techno club bomb, 'Future Acid Poem'. Tough, galloping drums charge over an intoxicating acid line, while words from a thought-provoking poem transcend the music. Claps increase the energy and emotive pads complete the textures, and the result is a fully legitimate nod to the techno masters of Detroit and Chicago. Excellent work from Ecilo, and guaranteed to carve-up the club.

Thomas Barnett & Ecilo 'Low Tech Funk EP' is out on April 17

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