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Mixcloud unveils new "Host Tagging" feature, allowing mixes to be published by multiple profiles

The new feature, available to Mixcloud Pro users, will allow collaborative posting of individual shows

  • 23 March 2024
Mixcloud unveils new "Host Tagging" feature, allowing mixes to be published by multiple profiles

Mixcloud has unveiled a new feature available to Mixcloud Pro users, Host Tagging.

According to Mixcloud, the feature aims to improve "discovery and strengthen community," by allowing curator profiles - such as radio stations, nightclubs, festivals, labels and magazines - to credit guest DJs and hosts when publishing new shows/mixes.

With Host Tagging, new shows can be published across multiple profiles allowing users to benefit from combined networks.

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Both parties must first accept an invite to join a profile "community" before tagging can commence, reports Resident Advisor.

When a new show is published, a notification will be sent out to the followers of both the curator profile and the tagged show host.

Tagged hosts with pro subscriptions will benefit from access to new statistics such as chart positions, favourites, comments and reposts, enabling them to quantify the combined reach of their shared network.

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In addition, curators will gain a new 'Host Tab' showcasing their roster of tagged hosts through automated playlists.

In a statement shared on Mixcloud's blog, Co-founder and CTO, Mat Clayton laid out the intention behind this new feature: "Tens of thousands of radio communities have built a home on Mixcloud over the years"

"Now we want to make it easier for stations and curators to connect on a deeper level with the DJs who make what they do possible, and get much more out of Mixcloud" he concluded.

Overall, Host Tagging allows curator profiles and DJs to credit hosts, automate playlisting and share networks.

Check out a video on Host Tagging below.

[Via: Mixcloud Blog]

Belle Richardson is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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