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The Milkman collective launch their new record label with a bold new EP from Azu Hoyvoy

The Mumbai native shows his style on the expansive five-track collection

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 27 August 2021
The Milkman collective launch their new record label with a bold new EP from Azu Hoyvoy

Mumbai's underground purveying Milkman collective launch their freshly minted label project with a slick nocturnal workout from Azu Hoyvoy.

The Milkman crew have been a driving force on the city's steadily growing electronic music scene, positioning themselves at the vanguard of the movement by welcoming the cutting edge of the global dance community to perform at their warehouse inspired events. As we reported last month, the natural progression into label curation has arrived for the collective and they've dug exceptionally deep to present a cultured five-track selection from Mumbai native Hoyvoy, the “enjoyably mind-expanding” 'Future Literature' EP.

The collection opens with the profoundly atmospheric and faintly disconcerting 'Silent April', where mysterious pads unfold over dramatic beats, paranoid textures, jarring drones, and hidden voices. 'Edge Of Combville' shares a similar sonic stamp, with unnerving waves cascading over jagged drums and complex hidden layers. Title track 'Future Literature' ups the club energy, with its infectious bassline providing the irresistible hook as tight beats cut through the meditative fog, with distant vocal textures and sampled chops adding depth to the powerful groove. Competing for the most immediate cut of the set is 'Wellig Disko', with its evocative soundscape providing endless width for the deviant, growling bass and saucer-eyed sonics to weave their captivating spell. Finally, the rhythm breaks into a gyrating fervour, as the fierce synths, powerful drums and mind-melting bass of 'Silent April (Drum आणि Bass Remix)' close the EP in suitably striking style.

This is a particularly mature selection from Hoyvoy, and a bold statement of intent for the all-new Milkman label. Hopefully marking the shape of many more good things to come.

Azu Hoyvoy 'Future Literature' EP is out August 30, you can buy it here

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