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After opening club and gallery, Mihn announces launch of new label

‘MIHN001’ is a four-track taste of dancefloor euphoria from Mr. Ho and Sunsiare

  • Marcus Aurelius
  • 2 December 2020
After opening club and gallery, Mihn announces launch of new label

Sunsiare and Mr. Ho zoom out of the gate with ‘MIHN001’, a 4-track EP available on Bandcamp on December 4 that focuses on replicating the euphoric feelings of peak time at 宀 (Mihn) club on a jam-packed dance floor.

When the crowds flock to Mihn in Hong Kong, they know the auditory experience is perfectly attuned to the space. The same can be said of ‘MIHN001’, the first release from Mihn’s self-titled new label that features two tracks each by Mr. Ho and Sunsiare.

The EP starts off with Sunsiare’s ‘Drama,’ a frantic dip into techno madness. Halfway through the track, the tension kicks in and doesn’t let listeners off the hook until it’s over. Of Mr. Ho’s two contributions, ‘Exxxperience’ has the most relistenibility. The song begins out as a trancy number, but soon drops into a pulsating halftime breakbeat aided by some ghostly sounds as well as a mesmerizing voice repeating the title of the track.

The EP ends with the standout track, ‘Melato’ by Sunsiare, an acid-house drenched journey to the edge of drum 'n' bass. While ‘Melato’ may have been sonically engineered to sound perfect at Mihn, this extravagant soundscape will surely resonate through any club’s sound system it gets played on.

'MIHN001' by Sunsiare and Mr. Ho is out on December 4 on . Pre-order the album here.

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