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Metro Kyoto launches a survival campaign after 30 years of operations

A compilation album featuring 59 artists will donate proceeds to the Japanese institution

  • Wendy Jane
  • 28 April 2020
Metro Kyoto launches a survival campaign after 30 years of operations

When 59 artists come together for one work of art, we have to wonder what brought them all together? The answer is tragic but inspiring: to save the oldest club in Japan.

Founded in April 1990, Metro Kyoto was supposed to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. But in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, bookings were cancelled, and now the club is facing a fight for survival. During the past 30 years, Metro Kyoto has earned its reputation as a cultural institution and is beloved by many artists from across the country.

To save this iconic space, Kyoto-based DJ SINKICHI (Churashima Navigator) started a project called 'Save The Metro Compilation'. He was joined by artists like SOFT, Shuya Okino, Masahiko Uchikawa, Dego and Ken'ichi Itoi, and together they formed this 59-track album that was released on April 23. All profits from the album will be donated to Metro Kyoto to help stay afloat and keep the Kyoto institution alive.

‘Save The Metro Compilation’ was released on April 23. Buy the album here.

Aside from the compilation, Metro Kyoto is also hosting a crowdfund project to raise money. Find out more information here.

[Via Higher Frequency, Metro Kyoto]

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