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Mentrix explores her rich Iranian heritage & the Kavir-e-Lut desert in ‘Nature’

The track features on her forthcoming debut album 'My Enemy, My Love'

  • Wendy Jane
  • 2 March 2020
Mentrix explores her rich Iranian heritage & the Kavir-e-Lut desert in ‘Nature’

Sufi-inspired Iranian songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist Samar Rad, better known as Mentrix, is self-releasing her debut album called 'My Enemy, My Love'. Before the official release in April, Mentrix has shared two videos to give her fans a visual taste of what's ahead.

Mentrix explores the Kavir-e-Lut desert in eastern Iran in the video for 'Nature', which is one of the hottest places on earth. The Iranian landscape is also a major feature in the video for 'Walk', which depicts stunning scenery of desert landscapes and the neon city lights of Tehran. The cinematic piece was directed by Gilles Esteve and is intended to recalibrate Western perceptions of Iranian culture. Watch the video for Tehran below:

'Nature' is the second single from her forthcoming debut album 'My Enemy, My Love'. The album will be released via her own label House of Strength Records, which is an imprint that was created by women to record, inspire and release bold new voices and original art that contribute to female empowerment.

The Berlin-based artist has also unveiled an equally enthralling video for 'Walk', which layers captivating vocals atop of atmospheric electronics and traditional Sufi instrumentation. The track is accompanied by a set of visuals, which Mentrix produced herself. Watch the video below:

Raised in both Iran and France after fleeing war in her home country, Mentrix has a strong attachment to her homeland that hugely affects her work. Womanhood is another topic she's always trying to explore, and she brings the two themes together in 'My Enemy, My Love'. "This album reflects my relationship with the contrasting worlds I lived in, with myself, and all my existential wanderings."

‘My Enemy, My Love’ track list:

’Walk’’My Enemy, My Love’
'Igneous Son’

[image via FACT]

‘My Enemy, My Love’ arrives on April 3 via Mentrix's own imprint, House Of Strength

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