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Premiere: Malfnktion creates an east-west fantasy land with new drop ‘Bigfoot’ on EXIT Records

Made to uplift, energise & untangle the mind

  • Jordie Guzman
  • 28 May 2021
Premiere: Malfnktion creates an east-west fantasy land with new drop ‘Bigfoot’ on EXIT Records

Electronic music project Malfnktion has released 'Bigfoot', the first cut from its latest EP 'No Dough', under the UK label Exit Records. The India-born Toronto-based artist, Aditya Alamuru, delivers a masterful production that artistically blends east and west by combining his sound collecting finds, retro films and bona fide Indian instruments.

With culturally charged and — at times — genre-defying tones, 'Bigfoot' starts with a dark rhythmically-displaced synth and an authentic Indian melodic sample slowly fading into the pocket-tight drum beat that carries the song against a side-chained synth bass, that simply put, GROOVES. You can virtually hear the streets of Bangalore — and now they'll be heard through EXIT's major network of drum 'n' bass enthusiasts from London and beyond.

Flaunting a proud in-n-out swag, the 2-minute-35-second track has the unpretentious yet drop-the-mic aura that characterizes all other cuts in the 'No Dough' EP by Malfnktion.

"This is my impression of contemporary Indian dance music. It's the rhythm of my city, familiar sounds and festivals, filtered down to their elements", said Aditya. "I made this EP with some of my favourite artists and friends. It's a mix of our unique talents and really a reflection of how we're all feeling right now. Making these tracks required a subtraction and shedding away of my experiences and habits. It's an album created by negative space, by the outlines of the absent.”

Staying true to the craft, the banding between Malfnktion and Exit Records UK makes all the sense in the world, mainly due to the quality we have been accustomed to expect from the label since its conception in 2003.

Malfnktion’s ‘Bigfoot’ was released on May 28, 2021. Buy the track here.

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