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LVRA drops new EP ‘Soft Like Steel’ on USB pendants

The Eastern Margins artist couples the release with two headline shows featuring a short film on her struggles

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 22 March 2023
LVRA drops new EP ‘Soft Like Steel’ on USB pendants

Partnering with visual artist and founder of Wobbly Digital, Soorin Shin, LVRA packs a punch in her 3D-printed USB pendants made from plant-based bioplastics.

Included in the 128GB USB are preloaded tracks from the Chinese-Scottish artist’s ‘Soft Like Steel’ EP, additional mixes and bonus content.

The limited edition pendants that are attached to an 18-inch chain have blown up online and have sold out. However, if you’re making your way to her shows in London and Glasgow, there will be more available there.

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The film directed by Oscar McNab showcases a visual story of a journey that has been inspired by LVRA’s real-life struggles of mental health, beauty and autonomy. It will be screened as a three-part short film with the first two parts featuring her previous music videos for ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Venom’.

“Human perception is subjective, and changeable - at times constraining, and at times liberating. Throughout the 'soft like steel' EP, LVRA deconstructs her own perspective and explores new ways of seeing. The ‘soft like steel’ film is an attempt to express that deeply psychological and personal process in a world of visible and tangible experiences,” says McNab.

LVRA encapsulates her frenetic world through this EP by documenting her personal process. Beneath the hypnotic vocals, intergalactic vibes, pulsating beats and dark synth-driven productions in her tracks, her overall story oozes through with ideas of morality, principles and opinions of the world that has shaped her.

In addition to the visual collaboration for the release, LVRA turns to Spent and TAAHLIAH to co-write ‘Venom’, and girl_irl joins her to discuss frustrations about living in the age of social media on ‘clones’.

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LVRA shares, "'clones' is my expression of frustration at these times; we live in an age of populism, cancel culture, hyper-validation through social media - a world where we let ourselves be influenced, whether or not into the mainstream or onto the fringes. I don't think I've ever truly had the confidence to move completely against the grain, nor do I think anyone has to, but it is frightening to see how far we've gone in the other direction.”

Other tracks include stories of religion in the modern world, mental health and confidence through the inspiration within the London queer club scene.

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Full Tracklist:

1. welcome
2. clones (feat.girl_irl)
3. god is dead
4. anxiety
5. venom (feat. Spent)
6. soft like steel
7. rising

LVRA’s first two headline shows include a short film screening in London on March 22 and Glasgow on March 30. More info here.

The ‘Soft Like Steel’ EP is out today via Eastern Margins comprising seven sonically captivating tracks. Have a listen below.

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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