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​Loading Get Wired, Asia's first byte-sized virtual music conference

Introducing the virtual version of Wired Music Week

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 6 May 2020
​Loading Get Wired, Asia's first byte-sized virtual music conference

Wired Music Week was just days away from rolling out its third edition when things got really hairy surrounding the coronavirus. The Malaysian music conference and festival was forced to cancel its 2020 event due to the escalating global situation, which was due to take place in mid-March.

Fortunately, the organisers did not accept defeat and have adapted its model to the current climate, and a concerted effort to keep the conversation moving within the industry led to Plan B. Meet Get Wired, a byte-sized virtual music conference aimed at filling the gap between the easts and the west in music, entertainment and beyond.

Keeping in the ethos of its predecessor, Get Wired will continue to trailblaze conversations, encourage the sharing of knowledge as well as creating opportunities for the electronic industry through its unique virtual conference platform. Essentially, the event is an online extension of the physical version of Wired Music Week; the annual Asia based electronic music conference, but the virtual version of this conference will look to further breakdown borders and overcome some of the limitations that the current global situation has placed on the industry.

The objective of the first edition is to discuss the hard reset that we have been faced with both as an industry as well as personally.

"It's all about elevating the consumer confidence and strengthening the industry from within," reads a statement by the organisers. "WE the ones who love and have so much passion for this scene will be the ones who rebuild its presence again — coming back stronger after this global pandemic."

It continues: "A global crisis sends the world to sleep. Asia begins to wake from its self imposed slumber. The overall objective of this launch edition is to discuss the hard reset we are all faced with both as an industry as well as personally.. There are no unified solutions but maybe the key is to unite and align ideas through good conversations."

Speakers and topics have yet to be announced, but we've got a scoop on a couple:

1. How To Gain Consumer Confidence Post Lockdown Via Ticketing
2. The Role Of Journalism And PR In Increasing Industry Self Confidence
3. In Conversation With - Nikhil Chinapa and Yucheng Shi: Is Asia open for business?
4. OK. I'm not OK.
5. How To Persevere In The Face Of Disaster with Fab Morvan (Ex Milli Vanni)

Wired Music Week has grown from an annual gathering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to its regional countries including Vietnam, Indonesia and Brunei in less than two years; gaining respect and attention over 5,000 attendees globally.

Get Wired takes place on May 21 & 22. Head here for updates.