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Listen to Biliguudei: Mongolia's unparalleled techno warrior

Mixmag Asia Radio heads to the Land of the Eternal Blue

  • Charles Budd
  • 22 July 2020
Listen to Biliguudei: Mongolia's unparalleled techno warrior

Our first audio flight to Mongolia lands us in an encounter with the warrior-esque presence of Biligudeei, a dedicated pioneer of Ulaanbaatar’s techno scene. Fourteen years ago, Bili, as he prefers to be called, discovered the rave while studying in Beijing, instantly immersing himself into as much of techno and underground culture as he could, and then taking that hands-on-knowledge back to Mongolia to kickstart a movement of parties, festivals and a community of ravers.

Aside from DJing in Mongolia, Bili frequently tours around Asia and across China, having performed at ADE, Great Wall Music Festival, Yin Yang Music Festival, Intro Music Festival, Playtime and at venues like Lantern Club in Beijing, The Mansion in Shanghai, Bronx Bastun in Stockholm, Gallery Club in Beijing and Social Room in Hong Kong.

Bili has a certain palette for harder and the more intense side of techno, being a fan of the likes of Steve Bicknell, Ken Ishii, Marcell Dettman, Ben Klock, Dave Clarke, Stefan Goldman and Shin Nishimura. For this week’s Mixmag Asia Radio mix, Biliguudei guides us under the shade of dark and intense techno across the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky. The Mongolian techno warrior has included a heap of unreleased material in his eighty-plus minute set, plus tracks from Tobias, Martin Schacke, Dorian Grey and BB Deng.

Hit play below to listen to Mixmag Asia Radio 021 with Biliuudei from Mongolia.

Track list:

  1. ID - ID (Secret weapon)
  2. Dorian Gray - 2144 (Original mix) "Northallsen Records"
  3. Tobias. - 1972 (Original mix) “Ostgut Ton”
  4. Skoll - With Roots Beneath the Mold (Original Mix) "Obseqvivm Records”
  5. Ryogo Yamamori - Lolita Look 4424MS “Non Series” (Unreleased)
  6. .Pascal FEOS - Endless Rotation (Original Mix) “Level Non Zero records”
  7. Messiahwaits - Paranoid State (Turbo Turbo Remix) “GND Records"
  8. ID - ID (Secret Weapon)
  9. Marla singer - Assault 003 (Original Mix) “Axone Records”
  10. Unknown Artificials - Black Lotus “Naked Lunch Records”
  11. Marc Faenger - CRBN909 (Original Mix) “The Third Room Records”
  12. Kaiser - Floating In The Abyss (Original Mix) “K S R Records
  13. ID - ID (Secret weapon)
  14. ID - ID (Secret weapon)
  15. BB Deng - Don't Believe (Original Mix) “Unreleased” upcoming "Elektrotribe Records Berlin"
  16. Martin Schacke - Like That (Original Mix) "Instruments of Discipline Records”
  17. ID-ID (Unreleased)
  18. ID-ID (Secret weapon)
  19. Madwomen - Raw Energy (Bralle remix) “Unreleased”
  20. ID-ID (Secret weapon)
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