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Le Baron Shanghai closes after 7 years of debauchery

The infamous club's team will open GRND CNTRL later this summer

  • Charles Budd
  • 28 June 2021
Le Baron Shanghai closes after 7 years of debauchery

After seven years of relentless and decadent debauchery, Le Baron Shanghai finally pulls the curtains on its infamous space on Donghu Lu (Donghu Road).

Originally conceptualised in Paris by street artist Andre Saraiva aka Monsier A circa 2004 with subsequent openings in Tokyo, London and New York, Le Baron entered the Shanghai nightlife arena with plenty of ostentatious arsenal and a fervour for a candid, wild night out.

When they could during a pre-pandemic era, Le Baron’s weekend programming would host a slew of international celebrities and artists like Hudson Mohawke, Kavinsky and Virgil Abloh (to name a few), while their door policy would be likened to a paparazzi-version of how Sven Marquardt would run the entrance of Berghain. It was a place where opulence could face itself in the mirror and embrace the grit and raw behind the glow.

One of the club’s long standing residents is the Hong Kong, Shanghai and London based outfit, Yet Out. Tom Yeti, founding member and DJ of the collective, hosted the Friday night of the club’s closing weekend.

Found and Managing Partner Cody Allen stated the following on Le Baron’s official WeChat:

When I started Le Baron Shanghai, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted it to be. I knew the city did not have the type of club I wanted to open, and I knew that if we did it right, it would make an impact, and become a home for many. It is amazing what we have all experienced in this place over the past seven years.

Almost two thousand parties have given us an endless parade of friends and music; we’ve watched the city and its nights change in so many ways, and honestly I have always been happy with what Le Baron meant and what it has stood for during its many phases so far.

Recently Victor and I have been talking about how we feel that we've done everything we could possibly hope to do and more with this club, in this space. We are truly grateful for the memories made, and we also feel that it is time to wrap up the show. It is really as simple as that.

All good things come to an end, and for this first chapter of Le Baron in China, this is the end.

So for the next four weeks we are going to celebrate this place and what it has meant to us, to all of our friends, and everyone who came through over the past seven years. And then on June 26, we will have our last dance at Le Baron, and say goodbye to Donghu Lu.

I hope you can join us. With Love and Gratitude, Cody

Alas, all is not gone forever. We hear the team behind Le Baron Shanghai already have their next venture lined up to open in Xintiandi, and it’s called GRNDCNTRL. Check it out here.

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