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Audio Asia: timely re-issue for Larry Heard's classic remixes of Kuniyuki's 'Earth Beats'

The Chicago house pioneer works acid magic into the Sapporo maestro's dazzling original


  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 6 July 2021
Audio Asia: timely re-issue for Larry Heard's classic remixes of Kuniyuki's 'Earth Beats'

Title: Earth Beats (Fingers Acid Edit)
Artist: Kuniyuki
Label: Mule Musiq
Release Date: July 16

The sought-after Larry Heard mixes of sonic maestro Kuniyuki's seminal 'Earth Beats' are given a much-needed re-issue from Mule Musiq this month, allowing a joyous opportunity to revisit a breathtaking title from the more refined end of the dance archives.

There are few contributors to the dance canon more deserving of legendary status than Larry Heard. The Chicago house pioneer's name is synonymous with the highest grade of utterly authentic deep house music. He's been championing his distinctive sound since the birth of the scene back in the 1980s, and his prolific output is routinely brilliant. Recording under various guises, he's perhaps best known for his Mr Fingers moniker, and his 1986 classic 'Can You Feel It' was one of the earliest house anthems.

First released in 2012, the original copies of Heard's 'Earth Beats' remixes sell for somewhat inflated prices on resale sites such as Discogs, and it's perhaps with that in mind that Mule Musiq opted for the re-issue treatment. As with the original, the EP contains three Fingers remixes along with Kuniyuki's 'live version', and each track is presented on a full side of 12” vinyl. This time, the double-pack has been elegantly remastered and is presented with alluring new artwork. Kuniyuki's delicious 'live version' is discretely abstract, as its heavenly lead motif floats over idiosyncratic rhythms while waves of delay-laden textures help create an endless sense of space.

Fingers 'deep mix' expertly thins out the layers to emphasise the power of the hook, adding crisp house beats and a tight bottom end, while the Fingers 'Ambient Mix' dispenses with the kick and snare to allow the blissful instrumentation to take centre stage. Each of these mixes are nothing short of sensational, but we've opted to play you the hyper-infectious 'Fingers Acid Edit'. Here, Heard adds an intoxicating layer of trademark acid dirt to the mix, which bubbles and broods vividly beneath the evocative melody to create the characteristic dance-floor energy for which both Heard and the humble 303 are so well-loved.

Kuniyuki 'Earth Beats' (live and Larry Heard remixes – remastered) is out July 16. You can listen and buy it here

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