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KSHMR’s 'Do Bad Well' is given a 'Rebirth' by China’s KUN

The Nine Percent singer drops personal collab with KSHMR

  • WaiYing Ho
  • 21 November 2019
KSHMR’s 'Do Bad Well' is given a 'Rebirth' by China’s KUN

KUN, a singer-songwriter, DJ and actor from China, has released a new single called 'Rebirth' on Nov 15 – a Chinese version of KSHMR’s 'Do Bad Well'. The Chinese lyrics reflect KUN’s tough early life and even some current travails after separating from boy band Nine Percent and going solo. KSHMR’s track evokes Spaghetti Western feelings à la Sergio Leone bed of electronic and rock elements, while KUN’s Chinese lyrics attempt to describe his 'Rebirth' as a solo artist.

Watch the video for the track below:

Working remotely, KUN and KSHMR exchanged ideas over a period of months while creating 'Rebirth', attempting to join forces not just through their collective fame but also creatively. In KUN’s version he also touches on his recent troubles with disgruntled Chinese netizens who savaged him for appropriating a single cover from K-Pop group Hyunkoh. It’s an interesting evolution for KSHMR’s original track featuring Nevve, which was a big tune with a big beat, and a message about being ‘bad to the bone’.

[Photo via KUN]

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