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Korean DJ amu drops a hugely cinematic first EP

[Era] is a haptic journey through space and time

  • Zita Chan
  • 13 November 2019
Korean DJ amu drops a hugely cinematic first EP

Seoul-based techno and ambient DJ and producer amu has just released her first-ever EP titled [Era]. amu, well known in Seoul’s underground music scene, is also the director of the popular textr clubbing platform which is dedicated to broadcasting Seoul’s underground rave culture. amu describes her signature blend of techno and ambient as haptic, meant to leave listeners with an experience of understanding her sonic journey through physicality rather than emotion.

The motif of water is dominant throughout the EP, also representing a flow through space and time. The omnipresent nature of water is further emphasized with each track painting a distinct, liquid scene: a person submerged within a pool of tenebrous water, a cave filled with glacial liquid, a sweltering summer mist. Indeed, amu’s ambient and techno sounds feel like aural journal, and a peek into amu’s water world and listeners are encouraged to close their eyes and experience each landscape, imagining each space, sound and ambiance.

The four-track EP was released with a 20-minute cinematic experience produced in collaboration with art director Ji Seyun, filmographer Kim Kyungho and dancer Choi Joy.

Feel the space and sound experience of amu’s [Era] below:

Track List:

1. 돌아오지 않는 강 River of No Return
2. 아가미 Agami (Feat. MOON YIRANG)
3. 어두운 물은 검게 Black Water
4. 섬 Seom

[Era] was released on October 31. Listen to the EP and purchase it here.