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Klasse Wrecks taps VICTORIA for a music-meets-skateboarding collab out of Hong Kong

The capsule marks the first crossover between music & skate culture for the brands

  • Elaine Cheung
  • 13 December 2020
Klasse Wrecks taps VICTORIA for a music-meets-skateboarding collab out of Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based label Klasse Wrecks have teamed up with skateboard collective VICTORIA for a capsule collection called 'Stainless'. The unisex collection features different unique colourways, with t-shirts, long sleeves, hats, and hoodies imprinted with bold graphics that reflect both parties’ aesthetics.

Klasse Wrecks is a label founded by Luca Lozano and Mr. Ho that is known for its consistent output of high-quality underground electronic music. VICTORIA was founded by Art Leung and Alfie and represents different riders from Asian countries including Japan, Thailand, and Korea. Their apparel is often inspired by Hong Kong’s colonial times, featuring elements from music and parties during that time. This collaboration, a first for the two powerhouse brands, also features music items like slipmats for turntables and a chopped-n-screwed mixtape provided by the co-founder of Klasse Wrecks, Mr. Ho.

“The collaboration happened because we and the Victoria crew are friends and fans of what they do with the brand," says Mr. Ho of the collab. He and Lozano grew up skateboarding and since music is also a big part of skate culture, they felt a collaboration would be a perfect fit.

With Klasse Wrecks also being based out of the UK, they’ve previously collaborated more with European-based brands. But since moving to Hong Kong, a lot of opportunities to work with Asian brands have come to fruition, and they have a collaboration with a couple of Japanese companies set for the near future.

“A few years ago, our Asian supporters seemed pretty much to be largely in Japan. I'm happy to say that we seem to have more and more people who are familiar with Klasse Wrecks all over Asia. I guess that has something to do with both Luca and I travelled quite a lot the last couple of years touring the region, but I also think it simply has to do with time. It takes time to reach people and for them to understand what you are about.”

Shop the collection here.

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