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Kerri Chandler releases 73 free downloadable tracks

The giveaway celebrates what would have been his father’s 73rd birthday

  • 3 March 2024
Kerri Chandler releases 73 free downloadable tracks

Kerri Chandler has made 73 tracks, remixes, and edits available to download for free on Bandcamp.

The 73-track pack was released on Tuesday, February 27, in celebration of what would have been his late father’s 73rd birthday.

“I want to say thank you to everyone who has supported me and my father through our careers,” he wrote in an Instagram post. “Secondly, happy birthday to my father Joseph E. Chandler Jr.”

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“Today, to celebrate his birthday and say thank you to everyone, I’m giving away 73 of my songs in this link as a FREE DOWNLOAD,” Kerri announced. “They are all WAV files this time. Hope you enjoy this new batch.”

The package of tracks, named ‘Dad Giveaway’, includes instrumentals, edits of original works, and remixes including vocal splices from the likes of Nina Simone and Arnold Jarvis.

Like Kerri, Joseph E. Chandler Jr. was a respected house DJ who honed his craft through the ‘70s and ‘80s. He introduced dance music to Kerri, leaving a box of records behind for him after he died in 2016.

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In 2019, Kerri Chandler opened the box of his father’s records for the first time, sharing the emotional stories and memories with his father as he rummaged through the records. Check out the video here.

Download the 73-track pack of tracks here, and check out the tracklist below.

Gemma Ross is Mixmag's Assistant Editor, follow her on Twitter


01. Fluff Rehab (Kerri's Dark Room)
02. peace of my mind
03. Fifth Moon - Marissa Guzman (Kerri Chandler Extended Acid Moon Mix eq2)
04. My moody life
05. Kerri Chandler feat. Yaniel - Kaiku [Kaiku] (Mastered 24_48)
06. cobal mix 2-01
07. Into The Night V2 - Kerri Chandler
08. Kerri Chandler - Feelin' Red (Pull The 9 Out Mix) [DC10] 2022 (Mastered 24_48)
09. Kerri Chandler Feelin' Red (DC10) Pull the 9 Out Mix 2022 (Mastered Hi-Res 24_48)
10. Kerri Chandler - Dirty (DJ Deep's Son and Dad Edit 6) [Rex] (Mastered 24_48)
11. opl-3
12. Tonight - Kerri Chandler V3
13. Nina Simone - Westwind (instrumental) - Kerri Chandler
14. Kerri Chandler - Feat Bluey Robinson (Main Vocal Mix) (Output NYC) (Mastered 24_48)
15. 13 to 41
16. Dick Dickler (Kerri Chandler) - A Night With Dick (The Dick Dickler EP) (NEW TRACK ADDED!!) (The Bar with vocals by EQ the XTC Queen)
17. brand new sun
18. Shoe B do - Bas Noir - Kerri Chandler main mix
19. Dick Dickler - Bone Us track - The Need
20. I think of you - I love Mad Bass (love sick mix)
21. the download Original concept
22. from day one (623 again mix new intro)
23. Where Is Love
24. ioioi
25. cant let go
27. Kerri Chandler - Turn Off The Lights (Who's Afraid Of The Dark) (Original Mix)
28. Zeulare
29. back to the raw vocal
30. the dark one - final eq
31. get out my life 320
32. out to the boonies (the zone mix)
33. Arnold Jarvis - Music Is My Friend
34. Thats all I needed
35. even though remix vocal
36. The Steel Drum Song
37. inspiration instrumental 2
38. Climax 4
39. get out 623 mix vocal
40. Jennifer Morrison - Don-t Hide Your Love from Me
41. hooked1
42. I Can't Stand It (Media Mix)
43. Kerri Chandler - Computer Games The Unreleased Files, Expansion Pack 0,4 (Syntax Error)
44. Tha Monk
45. House is House - final
46. the promise - Kerri Chandler
47. Kerri Chandler - Mine
48. I Need You (6_23 Again)
49. get it off - cyrils edit
50. Powder (6_23 Again)
51. for next X=1 to 1000 - Kerri Chandler - Computer Games Album
52. Good Vibrations (Kerri's Mad Mix)
53. downtown dark mix
54. light the world squar
55. Kerri Chandler - Waterfall
56. Creative Violence - Stay (Kerri Chandler Remaster)
57. Track 1 - Jazz Version - Kerri Chandler feat Nadir Simon
58. Kerri Chandler - Love Will Find A Way (Players Mix)
59. Kerri Chandler - We Are Here (Kaoz Stressin' Me Mix)
60. the panic invaders - Kerri Chandler 06:08
61. bassthing 1
62. Heaven - Kerri Chandler Feat Christopher Gate-ah McCray
63. feel it - dj deep edit
64. Better Late Than Never (Trance Mix)
65. the phone call
66. Get Up
67. I Got That Feelin' (Feel Mix)
68. answer - first draft
69. I Need You (Original Style)
70. I Love You
71. Better Late Than Never (The Media Mix) 04:44
72. Get Out
73. Je t'aime - main mix

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