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Kentucky's latest Redneck Rave leads to 15 arrests

The infamous event was toned down this year, but still led to a series of criminal charges

  • Gemma Ross
  • 26 June 2022
Kentucky's latest Redneck Rave leads to 15 arrests

Kentucky’s notorious Redneck Rave event celebrated another edition in Mammoth Cave, Edmonton County, over the weekend, despite previous attendees facing criminal charges including assault, drug trafficking, and strangulation.

The annual event went ahead over the weekend from June 17 - 18, resulting in 15 arrests including that of two minors according to News40.

Going ahead each year, the illegal rave often entails attendees driving monster trucks, buggies, and other large vehicles, with most camping over the weekend. Last year, an estimated 7,000 to 21,000 people attended the event.

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According to local authorities who noted an increase in traffic on Nolin Dam Road near Blue Holler Off Road Park where the event was held, 15 people were arrested across two days.

On Friday, June 17, seven arrests were taken in mostly due to attendees driving while under the influence of alcohol and substances, while two 19-year-olds were charged with possession or attempted possession of alcohol.

Saturday saw the arrests of eight people for similar charges, two of which were under the age of 18, both charged with careless driving and terrain vehicle violation.

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In previous years, Redneck Rave has been known to descend into violent chaos. Over the course of five days, 2021’s edition resulted in one man having his throat slit, another being impaled by a wooden log, and a woman being strangled after getting into a fight over a blanket.

Following the event, 48 people faced criminal charges. Authorities made it clear that, even though this year’s event seemed to have toned down on violent activity, the nature of illegal activity at Redneck Rave is rampant.

Edmonson County Sheriff Shane Doyle also added that the event leaves a lot of stress on the local emergency services.

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