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Watch the video for legendary Japanese DJ Ken Ishii's ‘Bells of New Life’

'Möbius Strip' comes out on November 27 and features Jeff Mills​

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 21 November 2019

'Bells of New Life' is the lead song from Japanese DJ and producer Ken Ishii's forthcoming new album due out later this month. Ishii, who is hailed as somewhat of a techno titan in his native Japan after making music and DJing in the country for upwards of 30 years, hasn't released an album in almost 13 years.

The video for 'Bells of New Life' is directed by Yuichi Kodama, who in his career has won a grand prize at the Cannes International Advertising Awards. The video features Japanese youths who are reenacting mysterious incidents that actually occurred in Tokyo. The video is also a tribute to Koji Morimoto, director of the movie 'Akira'. Watch the video below:

It’s not the first time Kodama and Ishii have worked together. Kodama also worked on Ishii’s 40th-anniversary tribute to Pac-Man. ‘Join The Pac’ came out earlier this year as a tribute to the video game’s anniversary in May 2020. Watch the video below:

Ishii is also a longtime collaborator and friend to Jeff Mills, who features on ‘Möbius Strip’. Mills will also contribute some words to an upcoming broadcast this week from Japan where Ishii will talk about the making of the album as well as Japan’s techno scene from 1994 - 2019. The show happens on Sunday, November 24 from 22:00 to 22:54 on J-WAVE.

'Möbius Strip' comes out in full on November 27.

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