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Keita Sano flexes MPC mastery on new EP

Okayama's finest in full effect on Japanese label Mad Love

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 9 March 2020
Keita Sano flexes MPC mastery on new EP

Title: Come Dancing EP
Artist: Keita Sano
Label: Mad Love Japan
Release: Out now

Japanese artist Keita Sano is someone who needs little introduction to committed diggers, collectors and party-goers, and he deserves recognition as one of Asia's finest underground producers of the last decade. His output scales genre boundaries – appearing in nu-disco, deep house, and techno racks of record stores – and has found its way into the crates of the most refind selectors on the planet. Now residing in Berlin, the Okayama native is considered to be part of Japan’s subterranean new wave, and has released on benchmark labels including Mister Saturday Night, Let's Play House, Discos Capablanca, and Most Excellent Unltd. He is regularly invited to perform at the worlds most cutting edge venues, gracing the decks at Contact Tokyo, Panorama Bar in Berlin, and London's XOYO among many others.

The diversity and prolificacy of his work mean it isn't always easy to pin him down stylistically. At times he clearly tips a cap to the old school, with sample-heavy productions evoking the essence of the golden age of house and hip hop, but his aptitude for surfing boundaries means his portfolio also brims with ostensibly disparate material – from abstract minimal to feel good, sunset disco.

His new 'Come Dancing EP' on Japanese label Mad Love displays Akai MPC mastery more or less across the board. The vintage feel of the title track sees jazzy piano licks cut up over electric bass chops and solid house drums, Francine McGee sampling 'Inn Afrikah' marches over the familiar Organ motif, and the excellent 'Low Corner' deceives as it's dark bass groove makes way for uplifting chords.

Here you can check the driving opener 'There was a time'. Punchy drums and disco bass are embellished with infectious e-piano and string phrases, as vocal chops provide texture and add to the hook. All four tracks are designed to work the floor, and all succeed mightily.

Keita Sano Come Dancing EP is out now on Mad Love Japan. You can check the full release and buy it here