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Drunken Kong, Aka Aka & more join CryptoDJs community’s new ‘Verse Drop’

CryptoDJs is an online electronic music community & NFT platform for creators, fans, producers, curators & ravers

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 25 March 2022
Drunken Kong, Aka Aka & more join CryptoDJs community’s new ‘Verse Drop’

Online electronic music community and NFT platform CrytpoDJs has announced the next set of talent that will be added to its expanding roster of participating artists.

Back in February, the platform held a launch event for its Genesis Drop which included Pig & Dan, Christian Smith, Simina Grigoriu, Victor Ruiz, Gregor Tresher, Mark Reeve, Wehbba and Ken Ishii. In the new Verse Drop, world-renowned house and techno artists Drunken Kong, Aka Aka and DJ Chus are confirmed to be joining the eight original artists.

In a mission to foster innovational ways for artists and fans to interact through Blockchain technology, the latest Verse Drop introduces an additional 660 unique digital artist cards (60 per artist) to accompany the 240 original cards released in February.

These digital artist cards will be the access point for collectors to unlock exclusive community experiences and benefits. Experiences include music production masterclasses, one-on-one feedback sessions, direct access to well-known labels and their A&Rs, artist meet and greets, AAA concert passes and more.

“CryptoDJs is a community of creators, fans, producers, curators, and ravers that share the idea of equality, on and beyond the dance floor," said Dan Duncan, one half of DJ duo Pig & Dan and CryptoDJs co-founder. "We set out to realize the utopia of a global family united in music and let it flourish in the mixed reality multiverse.”

Launched in February 2022, CryptoDJs was created by a small group of DJs, music lovers and experts from across the music industry. The new online electronic music community and NFT platform will be leveraging blockchain technology to connect fans, producers, creators and ravers with their favourite artists by opening up access to exclusive communities and content through collectable NFTs.

There is no doubt that the future of music will be continuously evolving and by exploring innovative ways to connect, and music lovers will be able to engage with each other easier than ever.

More information about CryptoDJs can be found here.

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