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Jenil's 'Guided Light' signals the start of an intriguing alliance with Warner Philippines

The producer's Sora Music Group is selected as the media giant's new EDM sub-label

Dennis Rollins/10

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 1 March 2021
Jenil's 'Guided Light' signals the start of an intriguing alliance with Warner Philippines

Manila-based DJ and producer Jenil's has earned a monumental partnership between his Sora Music Group label, and industry giants, Warner Philippines. His recent 'Guided Light' single – a collaboration with Koriz and Neon Moon – is the first release born out of the union, marking what promises to be an exciting development for dance music in the archipelagic nation.

Understandably, Jenil was thrilled with the development and the confidence Warner showed in his latest creation. “The track was signed by the A&R, Alexander Lim because they feel our track is a game-changer for the dance music scene in the Philippines,” he told Mixmag Asia. “They want to do a collaboration with us as their EDM sub-label to push the dance music scene into the next level and attract bedroom producers to release their fresh new ideas to the public.”

With almost a decade of production credits under his belt, Jenil's hard work in the studio is paying dividends. His recent track, 'Klavier', has been streamed over one million times on Spotify, and his music has steadily drawn support from industry heavyweights including David Guetta, KSHMR, Hardwell, Afrojack, Laidback Luke, and Fedde Le Grand. With its powerful vocal, heavy drops and club-charged production grit, it isn't difficult to understand why Warner Philippines opted to sign 'Guided Light', and Jenil feels there's plenty more to come from his dance-minded compatriot producers. “A lot of young Filipino producers are doing well right now, and I'm really excited about these guys taking it to the next level, namely Ian Sndrz, Louis Vint, DJ Young, Darren & Cashwell, Gavrio, Protocleus, FLSHBNG, Katsy Lee, Mister Krumbs, Parnassvs and Janny Medina.”

Dance music's growth in the Philippines has been met with more than its share of challenges in recent years, thanks in no small part to the government's notoriously severe crackdown on drug use. However, Jenil believes that the latest crop of emerging artists provide evidence that the tide is turning. “I think the electronic music scene went down when the President cancelled most of the music festivals in our country because of his war on drugs,” he said. “But, now, most of the pop songs are being written in the electronic dance format. It is safe to say that it is growing again, especially this year.”

It seems that exciting times lay ahead for Jenil and the Filippino dance scene in general, and we're beyond keen to hear the new sounds forged via the new Sora – Warner alliance. Could this prove to be a match made in dance heaven?

Jenil, Koriz & Neon Moon 'Guided Light' is out now on Warner Philippines. You can buy it here