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Jean-Michel Jarre becomes first passenger on revolutionary flying car

The “Godfather of electronic music” soars to new heights as a prelude to upcoming Starmus Festival

  • Words: Amira Waworuntu | Image: KleinVision YouTube
  • 1 May 2024
Jean-Michel Jarre becomes first passenger on revolutionary flying car

Jean-Michel Jarre has just added a new accolade to his already impressive list, which includes the "Godfather of electronic music": he recently became the first passenger to fly in the revolutionary AirCar (Yes, you guessed it—a flying car).

Created by KleinVision, the AirCar is a half-car, half-plane hybrid that can take off from a runway and soar through the sky. It has a 1.6-liter BMW engine, foldable wings, and can reach speeds of up to 193 km/h at an altitude of over 2,400 meters.

“It is like being in a Jules Verne book, but for real!” said the French producer after completing two flights in the AirCar at Slovakia’s Piestany International Airport.

Jarre's flight was also captured by Emmy-winning filmmaker Todd Douglas Miller, known for Apollo 11, who filmed the AirCar flying at 2,500 feet. “It looks impossible, like it's doing something it shouldn't!” he said.

It's all part of the buzz leading up to Starmus Festival, which celebrates science and music, where Jarre will perform alongside Sir Brian May of Queen for the opening concert, aptly themed 'The Bridge from the Future'.

The international event brings together Nobel laureates, astronauts, musicians, and artists for a celebration of all things cosmic. Held in various locations, Starmus Festival combines talks, panel discussions, concerts, and exhibitions, offering a unique platform for exploring the cosmos and human creativity.

Garik Israelian, PhD, co-founder of Starmus, described the AirCar's inclusion in the festival as “A fantastic complement to our festival experience,” adding that it mirrors the festival's spirit of exploring new frontiers.

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While Jarre’s maiden voyage in the AirCar is a major accomplishment, seems like it's only the beginning for flying cars.

The UK government expects electric flying taxis to be a reality by 2030 via its Future of Flight action plan.

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Asia is also on board with the flying car, as a six-wheel, all-terrain Land Aircraft Carrier eVOTL car from China has already begin air certification. Word has it this isn't the company's only flying car—their X2 model just finished a test flight across a city in China.

Via: Supercar Blondie & Thailand Business News

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