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Hong Kong is getting anatomical toy sculptures for Christmas

Jason Freeny’s unconventional art toy exhibition will extend the holiday spirit to February 2021

  • Cheryl Chow
  • 26 November 2020

The easiest word to use to describe the work of Maryland-born pop-surrealist award-winning toy sculptor Jason Freeny is: iconic. He is most celebrated for his anatomical toy sculptures that assert the unique juxtaposition of cuteness and creepiness. Have you ever studied the bone structure of Mickey Mouse? The contents of Bob’s (from Bob’s Burgers) intestines? The cross-section of Nickelodeon’s CatDog? Jason Freeny’s sculptures make all of these things possible.

Freeny’s toy sculptures have been popular in Hong Kong for many years now — he’s collaborated with local designer toy companies before, such as with Toy2R for their see-through anatomical bear toys, and with Fame Master for their half anatomical gummy bears, LEGO Brickmans & Maneki-neko (lucky cat) toy figurines. Hong Kong has always had a predilection for displays that are literally larger than life. After all, the city was once the biggest toy exporter in the world in 1972.

This Christmas, Hong Kong gets an extensive display of Freeny’s work via “OUTSIDE IN: An Unconventional World of Art Toys”, a showcase and experience store at K11 Art Mall. As its name betrays, the K11 Art Mall is as dedicated to art and visual culture as it is to the city’s collective obsession with consumerism. The ‘headliners’ of the showcase are: a ‘Snow Edition’ of XXRAY Elmo, XXRAY Luffy from One from Japanese manga One Piece, and Dissected POPek the Squatting Balloon Dog (a collaboration with England-based Whatshisname). The ‘experience store’ will be Jason Freeny’s largest in Hong Kong to date, and will showcase more than 100 of the artist’s sculptures.

OUTSIDE IN: An Unconventional World of Art Toys” will be available for public viewing and participation from November 21 to February 28, 2021 — from 11am to 10pm daily — at K11 Art Mall. You may also pre-order items from the experience store here.

[Via Hypebeast]

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