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Japanese Nighttime Economy Association aims to tackle the fallout on nightlife from COVID-19

Japan may be the first Asian country to officially politicise and structure a nightlife economy

  • Charles Budd
  • 12 May 2020
Japanese Nighttime Economy Association aims to tackle the fallout on nightlife from COVID-19

The Japanese Nighttime Economy Association (JNEA) has just launched a consultation line offering a variety of support measures including government support. With the economic fallout of COVID-19 almost entirely affecting the nightlife and clubbing sectors, there are unpaid artists, promoters, custodians, managers, production companies, support service companies… the list goes on.

Nightlife in Japan is somewhat controlled from atop, but it’s highly integrated with a fairly strong support system all around. Japan probably has one of the most admired underground music scenes in the world. But during a time of crisis like right now thanks to COVID-19, and with the importance that those in the scene put on the value of music to society (and to oneself), the hiatus of business needs to be attended to.

Takahiro Saito is the Representative Director of JNEA, and has in-depth expertise and experience with his legal background, having been the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party Nighttime Economy Parliamentary League, as well as being appointed as an export on the Council of Revitalisation of Nighttime Tourism Resources, a Japanese tourism agency focused on nightlife. JNEA aims to support the government and local government by consulting and offering advice for nightlife-focused economic policies. The key areas of activity that the council will focus on starts with a network for business support that covers administration and specialised services such as destination marketing, discussion and promotion for rulemaking activities and to build an integrated pool of knowledge and resources to help strengthen international ties with major global cities.

There are immediate resources available on their website that includes government information on how to adhere to COVID-19 regulations as well as official Tourism Board updates. Organisations, individuals and businesses of all sizes can join JNEA through their website here.