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ISOxo’s ‘kidsgonemad!’ album releases via 88rising

The LP follows the artist’s signing to 88rising alongside Knock2, signifying the label’s expansion into dance music while upholding genre diversity

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 23 October 2023
ISOxo’s ‘kidsgonemad!’ album releases via 88rising

San Diego-based ISOxo has dropped his long-awaited debut album, ‘kidsgonemad!’, teeming with tracks that evoke a bold and unapologetic spirit (and sound).

The release marks a significant departure from the typical dance music trends of the past decade, evoking the raw, passionate energy reminiscent of Skrillex's early career.

His singles like ‘dontstopme!’, ‘SHYPOP’ (a collaboration with Ninajirachi), and the trap-heavy ‘STARsound’ take us on a journey through a range of emotions, from anger and rebellion to longing and hope, signifying personal growth and self-reflection.

“With ‘kidsgonemad!’, I really wanted to make an album that has a theme and tells my story as an artist since the beginning, rather than just being a collection of singles. It’s really about growth and the ups and downs that come with it,” mentions the half-Indonesian, half-Filipino artist.

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ISOxo is accompanied by another up-and-coming talent Knock2 who is of Laotian descent, (pictured above on the left, with Dillon Francis) in becoming the first two dance music signings to 88rising.

Knock2 previously dropped his track with EDM and trap aficionado Dillon Francis titled ‘buttons!’ in late September.

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“I think 88rising picking up me and Knock2 definitely pushes the culture we created and the culture of dance music as a whole forward. It’s cool to represent our music to a wider audience like 88, whose primary genre is pop,” mentions ISOxo to Mixmag Asia.

Both ISOxo and Knock2 are set to kickstart the dance genre for 88rising, both with promising futures as the frontrunners of a burgeoning dance music era.

The two are headed to Indonesia for Djakarta Warehouse Project in Bali on December 8, followed by a performance at 808 Festival at Thailand's BITEC Bangna on December 9.

‘kidsgonemad!’ by ISOxo dropped on October 20 via 88rising, listen to it here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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