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Audio Asia: Broke One works four-to-the-floor magic into Isaac Aesili's 'Jungles'

The repectful remix effortlessly nudges the track into deep house territory


  • Patrizio Cavaliere | Powered by Pioneer DJ
  • 22 March 2022
Audio Asia: Broke One works four-to-the-floor magic into Isaac Aesili's 'Jungles'

Title: Jungles (Broke One Remix)
Artist: Isaac Aesili
Label: Bastard Jazz
Release Date: Out now respectfully nudges the track into dancefloor territory

Bangkok-based Māori artist Isaac Aesili returns to Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz Recordings with a remix lifted from 2020's exquisite 'Hidden Truths' LP. Drafted in to provide the remix touch is Italian producer, Broke One, who respectfully nudges the original into sophisticated dancefloor territory.

Musician, DJ and producer Aesili has worked with the likes of Chaos In The CBD and Inkswell, and is a much-loved member of Lord Echo's live band. He's been a regular fixture on the Bangkok underground since making the Thai capital his home, and it's from here that the bulk of 'Hidden Truths' was recorded. The breathtaking sophomore album effortlessly surfed genres, taking mesmerising turns in future soul, jazz, leftfield r&b and more. One of the more dance-centric cuts from the collection was 'Jungles', with its lively tempo perfectly poised for a club-ready remix.

Fabio 'Broke One' Brocato has been flexing on the European underground for well over a decade, serving his nuanced sound in some of the continent's most refined venues while composing house-leaning sounds incorporating shades of techno, electro and more. Having reworked artists including Evil Nine and Urulu, and fresh from a recent appearance on the mighty Eglo Records, he proves to be an inspired remix choice. Retaining the percussion-heavy essence of the original, Brocato adds vigour with the addition of a thick 4/4 kick, upping the tempo while weaving in lush pads and energetic keys to morph 'Jungles' into a mesmerising deep house meditation.

'Jungles (Broke One Remix)' is out now on Bastard Jazz Recordings March. You can buy it here

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