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Introducing Bali Praia, a stunning new recording studio & lounge available for hire in Bali

The space acts as a mobile recording studio for acts looking to work on music while in Asia

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 24 November 2017

A new recording studio has just opened in one of Asia’s dreamiest vacation destinations. After a long journey, Bali Praia has finally opened its doors in the heart of Seminyak on the Island of Gods and offers a facility for artists, DJs and musicians to come together, make music or just hang.

The space boasts both a lounge and a recording studio, with the latter being well equipped to act as a mobile recording studio for touring acts looking for a space to work on music while on tour in Asia. The studio comes equipped with music production programs such as Ableton Live and Logic X, hardware like Maschine Studio and 61 Key Midi Controller and is also well stocked with latest instrument and mastering plugins.

The neighboring lounge comes equipped with state-of-the-art 3D mapping projection, LED Matrix system, a 5000-Watt VOID sound system (featuring their Airten V2 and Stasys 118 series as well as the Venu 8 series for booth monitoring) and cameras rigged for recording Facebook and YouTube Live. The entire facility is available for private rentals, mixtape recordings and other activities, can accommodate 40 people comfortable and is a fully soundproofed and acoustically treated venue.

Bali Praia began as a vision to create the first ever artist and DJ co-working space and hub where people in the region could meet, make music, collaborate and make an impact while supporting local and international communities and raise the bar of Bali to the world.

Find more information in the studio here.