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Indulge in a brief dalliance with Notep’s mesmerizing Jai Thep performance

We bring you a 1.5 hour video to get you through the weekend at home

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 3 April 2020
Indulge in a brief dalliance with Notep’s mesmerizing Jai Thep performance

Notep (pronounced No-Tep) is a multilayered artist from Thailand where she makes meaningful and unique music and art while saving the planet.

As a musician, she’s produced tracks for commercial campaigns, art installations and for her electronic band X0809, in which she explores visual art, fashion, design and technology to create immersive experiences, and plays at renown music festivals — she is a regular at Wonderfruit.

She’s also been on the fashion circuit for about a decade now and has brands like Fendi, Nike, DKNY, La Mer and more under her belt as well as several international fashion weeks.

As an artist, her creative energy has driven her to use the arts to create pieces that inspire and heal. She is known for installations and exhibitions that merge her work with her interests in energy and spirituality to create pieces that attempt to clear blockages for her audience and breaks them out of the box.

Her focus today has hugely shifted toward the planet, and she has launched a platform called “High on your own supply” which marries music and art through modern mediums to enrich the viewer’s spirituality and love for nature. She's an active conservationist who is passionate and vocal about environmental issues and uses her social platforms to draw awareness to Thailand's plight.

Notep was tapped by Mixmag in a Global Dancefloor Spotlight in 2018 as one-to-watch for her X0809 project. She was profiled alongside Black Coffee, Nakadia and more. Watch the episode here.

We never miss chance for a brief dalliance with Notep and fell down her rabbit hole during her performance at Jai The Festival this year. Watch the video below and read our review on Northern Thailand's Jai Thep Festival here.

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