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Early morning plunges & energetic beats await at ‘Immersion’

Dive into a sober rave in Singapore next Wednesday, presented by Wild Pearl Studio & Yes You

  • Words: Amira Waworuntu | Image: Nantha Kumar via FLICKR
  • 31 August 2023
Early morning plunges & energetic beats await at ‘Immersion’

This one’s for the early risers…and cold plungers. Said to be inspired by sober raves in Australia, Singapore crews Wild Pearl Studio and Yes You are catering to their partying friends who are also well tuned into wellness through ‘Immersion’.

The event is set to take place at Wild Pearl Studio on Tuesday, September 5. Yes, early in the week and also early in the day; starting 6:30am until 9am.

A driving force behind this endeavour is the observation that many of the organiser’s avid partygoing friends also happen to be “some of the most physically active individuals we know”.

This intriguing intersection of vibrant nightlife and physical well-being sparked a conversation between Chris from Wild Pearl Studio and Nick from Yes You. Both sharing a love for top-quality parties (and also the same gym), they came up with a way to integrate wellness activities into the fabric of conventional nightlife experiences.

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Meanwhile, Nick's collaboration with Amanda Ang, known as AKA Sounds, introduced them to the world of sober raves through Madam X, who had successfully performed at similar events in New Zealand.

AKA Sounds herself will be helming the decks at the event, alongside Taaka and your friendly neighbourhood Wild Pearl DJs.

To add to the highs of early morning music and dancing, Immersion also provides a state-of-the-art cold plunge by health and wellness brand, ThriveX. Definitely another way to push your limits on the dance floor.

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According to ThriveX, researchers have found that a brisk plunge in the morning not only kickstarts your day but also sends your dopamine levels soaring by a staggering 300% for as long as 2,5 hours, offering you a natural and euphoric high that probably rivals some nights out. Physical benefits include reduced muscle soreness and inflammation plus improved blood circulation.

After your cold plunge, enjoy some free-flow herbal tea from “your local herb doctor” Boujee Botanicals.

So, if you’re a punter who’s also looking to further your fitness and wellness in a safe and inclusive space, Immersion is your best bet. For nine-to-fivers, just make sure you get to work on Wednesday.

Tickets to Immersion available here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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