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Hong Kong streetwear label CLOT drops a dim sum inspired capsule under CLOTTEE

The collection brings to life Hong Kong's rich yum cha culture

  • Sean Dinsmore
  • 8 May 2020
Hong Kong streetwear label CLOT drops a dim sum inspired capsule under CLOTTEE

Hong Kong-based streetwear heavyweight CLOT has dropped a dim sum inspired collection through their youth-oriented sub-label, CLOTTEE. Celebrating the iconic Cantonese cuisine tradition, their spring 2020 collection is all about the rich yum cha culture of Hong Kong.

Featuring bright colours and bold patterns on simple-cut streetwear like anoraks, zip-up hoodies, crewneck sweaters, shirts, T-shirts, pants, shorts, cap and accessories, CLOTTEE makes images of steamed buns, phoenixes and dragons fresh again for a younger generation.

The collection curates the whole dim sum experience playfully, from family favourite dishes like shrimp dumplings and chicken feet to small details like red-inked dim sum ordering notes. In this sense, there is a lot of love and nostalgia in the collection, with traditional motifs like the dragon and phoenix for bliss and prosperity as always.

Started by rapper and singer Edison Chen and Kevin Poon over a decade ago, CLOT has evolved into a major Asian force in global drop culture for trailblazing east and west collaborations with everyone from Nike to Kangol. The new CLOTTEE collection is fronted by a close friend and collaborator Chef, who raps with Edison and MC Yan.

Shop CLOTTEE by CLOT's SS20 collection here.

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