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Heavy rain disrupts WATERA Festival in Hanoi amid safety concerns

Sources also report police at the event delivering an on-stage speech, conducting drug tests and making several arrests

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 10 July 2024
Heavy rain disrupts WATERA Festival in Hanoi amid safety concerns

On the evening of June 29, WATERA Festival in Hanoi had to pause due to heavy rain.

Held at Mỹ Đình Stadium, this electronic music and water festival attracted thousands, marking the first major EDM event in the city in six years. On the line-up were a number of EDM acts such as Yellow Claw, Said the Sky, VINAI, Harmson, and Youna.

A few days before the event, organisers also announced that the festival's Trancera Stage would be shut down despite it already being set up. They cited a limitation on the number of international electronic music artists as the reason.

Artists previously set to perform include Will Atkinson, Ruben De Ronde, Jonnie B, and local names Kaiser T, DA, ZS, and Tobias.

Before the show commenced, a torrential downpour forced all activities to be suspended. Attendees scrambled for shelter, creating a chaotic scene as many sought refuge in covered stands and stadium tunnels.

After the rain had died down, there was yet another setback to the event, this time from the police who raided the festival, conducting drug tests and making several arrests.

Based on the video below, the police took to the stage to deliver a speech prohibiting and warning against drug use.

The crackdown recalls a tragic event in 2018, where an EDM festival in Hanoi was marred by the deaths of seven people and left five others in comas due to drug overdoses.

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This led to heightened safety concerns and stricter regulations for music festivals in Vietnam. The victims, all Vietnamese, tested positive for drugs, prompting authorities to further examine substance use at such events more closely.

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Moreover, Vietnam’s new president, former police general To Lam, has a history in law enforcement. His rise to power, marked by an emphasis on strict law enforcement and anti-corruption measures, has led to increased scrutiny of public events.

Lam, who has led the Ministry of Public Security since 2016, was elected president in May 2024. Under his leadership, the security forces have been proactive in maintaining public order.

Via: KENH14

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