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​You can now access every issue of legendary Harajuku menswear magazine TUNE online

Digitalisation for the win!

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 13 January 2021
​You can now access every issue of legendary Harajuku menswear magazine TUNE online

As parts of Japan enters a new phase of lockdown, photographer and founder of STREET magazine Shiocki Aoki is making life at home a little more interesting for anyone cruising the internet — again. After relaunching his streetwear magazine FRUiTS earlier this year, a publication that launched in 1997 and brought Harajuku style to the forefront of fashion, he’s following it up by publishing all 128 issues of TUNE online. Unlike FRUiTS, the offshoot focuses exclusively on male fashion.

The publication ran from 2004 to 2015 and reported on the evolution of men’s fashion in Harajuku. In the late 90s, Urahara-kei was a style popular in the backstreets of Tokyo and inspired by hip-hop, reggae and skateboarding (Neighbourhood, Undercover and A Bathing Ape are brands to come from the Urahara area). TUNE was born just after the style started to die out in 2003 when a new style took hold, one that was the complete opposite of Urahara-kei fashion and evolved into the hyper-creative new style that’s come to define modern Harajuku.

"For about 10 years, boys' fashion in Harajuku was very creative," Shoichi said to i-D. "So we began to publish the magazine TUNE to document that scene."

The 10,752 pages of the now-digital magazine are full of photos of bright photos of this kitschy style.

Unlike FRUiTS, there are no plans to revive TUNE right now. But you can pick up its entire publication run (No.001 - No.128) for $35.00 per set of 10, or $450.00 for the entire catalogue.

Shop the TUNE archive online here.

[via i-D]

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