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Goldwin’s Spring/Summer 2024 lookbook connects urban life with the wilderness

The natural landscapes of Japan's Izu Ōshima’s serve as the brand’s visual backdrop

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 1 February 2024
Goldwin’s Spring/Summer 2024 lookbook connects urban life with the wilderness

Goldwin showcases its commitment to connecting urban life with the natural wilderness in its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, emphasising three key pillars: Lifestyle, Athletic, and Outdoor.

The Japanese brand's collection offers a diverse range of products, including trench coats, nylon coach jackets, cargo pants and windbreakers, that blend practical functionality required for outdoor activities while maintaining a minimalistic design.

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Founded in the 1950s in the Japanese city of Oyabe, the brand embodies the design philosophy of unity between humans and nature, while actively promoting a circular economy. As a brand, Goldwin is said to firmly believe that the most profound innovations emerge from lessons imparted by nature, with harmony being its most significant teaching.

For this Spring/Summer collection, photographer Kodai Ikemitsu and stylist Yuto Inagaki joined forces to craft the visual presentation.

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Serving as the natural backdrop of the lookbook are the natural landscapes of Japan’s uninhabited volcanic island, Izu Ōshima, capturing the intricate connection between early human activities and garments that harmoniously coexist with nature.

Goldwin’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is out now, browse it here.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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