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Gabriele Poso Asia Tour: Japan, Indonesia & Singapore

20-28 April, 2024

  • Gabriele Poso | Image: Martina Loiola
  • 10 April 2024
Gabriele Poso Asia Tour: Japan, Indonesia & Singapore

Event: Gabriele Poso Asia Tour: Japan, Indonesia & Singapore
Dates: April 20, April 26, April 27 & April 28
Cities/Countries: Osaka/Japan, Jakarta/Indonesia, Singapore & Bali/Indonesia
Venues: W Osaka, Bebop Jakarta, Tropika Singapore & W Bali
Tickets & Info:
- Osaka
- Jakarta
- Singapore
- Bali

Gabriele Poso is a talent in full bloom and his signature energetic performances are sure to reach the very depths of your being. His equatorial sounds of the magical unspoken language of percussion and rhythm keep winning over audiences with every performance around the globe.

The Italian percussion maestro and multi-instrumentalist delved into the vibrant world of percussion after being enchanted by his family's eclectic vinyl collection of jazz, soul, and Afro-Latin music. His musical odyssey led him to study Afro-Cuban percussion in Rome, Puerto Rico, and Cuba, shaping his unique sound and style.

Poso's debut album, ‘From The Genuine World’ (2008), marked the beginning of a prolific career, followed by acclaimed releases like ‘Roots Of Soul’ (2012) and ‘Invocation’ (2014), showcasing his boundary-pushing approach.

With releases on esteemed labels like INFRACom!, Agogo, BBE, Soundway Records and Wonderwheel Recordings, Poso's music has garnered global acclaim.

Beyond the studio, Poso's dynamic live performances have captivated audiences worldwide. As the music director of Osunlade's Yoruba Soul Orchestra and a regular at renowned venues and festivals, he embodies multicultural music with vibrancy.

Catch Gabriele Poso as he embarks on an Asia Tour this April, bringing his soulful rhythms to audiences in Japan, Indonesia and Singapore.

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