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On Tour: Asia welcomes the bass-centric selections of Mani Festo & Denham Audio

The Club Glow members will make 8 stops across the region from March 22 to April 13

  • Mixmag Asia Crew
  • 20 March 2024
On Tour: Asia welcomes the bass-centric selections of Mani Festo & Denham Audio

Groundbreaking UK-based Club Glow has been known to champion all the best things about bass when it comes to their productions and sets. It’s no wonder many in Asia are hyped up for two of the collective’s artists, Denham Audio and Mani Festo, touring the region starting this Friday.

Mani Festo aka Nick Marks is known for his productions that veer from mainstream trends. Pulsating synthesizer loops, syncopated breakbeat rhythms, and intricate sound design define the Mani Festo sound, showcased through releases on esteemed labels like fabric, Sneaker Social Club, Shall Not Fade and more, as well as his own imprints, Club Glow and Flightpath.

Having nailed performances at venues like OHM, Peckham Audio and Corsica Studios to the larger stages of Glastonbury and Boomtown plus touring India in 2022, Mani Festo's deep understanding and love for electronic music shine through in his work.

His artistic vision extends beyond his music, as he also contributes to the visual aesthetic of Club Glow. Whether evoking darkly seductive atmospheres inspired by vintage sci-fi or unleashing dynamic rhythms rooted in breakbeat science and electro, Mani Festo's commitment to pushing sonic boundaries under the influence of the soundsystem remains unwavering.

Denham Audio emerges as a formidable force in the contemporary rave scene, infusing a blend of breakbeats, b-lines, and acid hooks that inject new life into the genre.

Their sonic palette, deeply rooted in UK hardcore traditions, undergoes a modern transformation, exploring the energetic realms between 140 and 160 BPM. With drops on labels such as WNCL, Frendzone!, and Lobster Theremin, Denham Audio showcases a diverse range of influences, from hardcore and jungle to hip hop and reggae, drawing inspiration from sci-fi and anime realms.

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Earlier this year, Denham Audio joined forces with Triple Point for their latest single titled 'Wasting Time With You'. Stemming from a longstanding partnership, the track embodies a synergy of their individual styles and inspirations.

Characterised by its relentless pace, the track seamlessly intertwines breaks, trance elements, and hard grooves—a sonic signature honed through Denham Audio's sets, notably their performance alongside DJ Fuckoff at Boomtown Festival. Simply put, Denham Audio’s sound is “16v hatchback breakbeat NRG kickin’ it out of your Kenwood system”.

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Catch the two poised to lead crowds in Asia through the realms of UK hardcore, bass, breaks, and jungle before they jet off on their Australia and New Zealand tour; cities and dates below.

22 March – Shenzen
23 March – Taipei
29 March – Osaka
30 March – Tokyo
5 April – Hong Kong
6 April – Hanoi
12 April – Kuala Lumpur
13 April – Singapore

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