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Global d’n’b community rallies to aid Pakistan’s flood victims

The 'FLOODLIGHT' compilation, featuring several new & exclusive tracks, comes out October 7

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 5 October 2022
Global d’n’b community rallies to aid Pakistan’s flood victims

Heavy flooding in Pakistan this year has been happening since June. Considered the world’s deadliest flood to date, the natural disaster has claimed over 1200 lives and displaced more than a million people. Not one to stay quiet amidst all the suffering, the drum’n’bass community has stepped up to support those in need.

Producers IYRE aka Sasith Gamage and Pyxis aka Marisa Jade have initiated a music-based project to raise funds for those affected by the flooding. It comes in the form of ‘FLOODLIGHT’; a compilation that offers an incredible range of musicality and genres, with drum’n’bass reigning sonically supreme within the tracks. The effort was also supported by Sagar Deshmukh and Sinjini Ghosh who helped in regards to the artwork, artist relations and finalising the list of charities to collaborate with.

The team started reaching out to producers who would be willing to take part in ‘FLOODLIGHT’ and was met with an outpour of support. Numerous artists sent their unreleased tunes and even wrote brand-new ones especially for the compilation.

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Speaking on how music can be a positive factor in providing aid to victims, Pyxis states “Music, of course, is a unity in itself. Other than the money we can donate, we show Pakistan that ‘we’ve got you’. We want Pakistan to know that we are thinking of them, that we love them and want the best for them.”

The ‘FLOODLIGHT’ compilation brings together Asian and South Asian labels together with renowned imprints from the US and UK, representing how far the genre of drum’n’bass has reached across the globe and how its global community has responded to a call for help.

“We're bringing back a few of the OGs from the South Asian Drum and Bass scene, namely the Nasha Experience crew, Osmani Soundz with 2 tunes and Ges E, along with Shandy have teamed up to create a really beautiful tune. We also have the Krunk Collective contributing with some exquisite cuts with the likes of EZ Riser, OX7GEN to name a few, and breakthrough artists such as Ukato and Crash Comet from India. Plus, we have tracks from one of the major regional labels in Asia 'Unchained' all the way from China. There's Janaka Selekta, Dushi, myself and Noiyse Project as Sri Lankans involved with this project,” explains IYRE on the compilation’s curation.

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The compilation is an aural presentation of the many styles of drum’n’bass, yet also touches on soul, downtempo and progressive house sensibilities within its tracks. Through this project, the drum’n’bass scene once again proves how it is a force of global unity to be reckoned with as it gathers undisputed support for causes it holds dear.

‘FLOODLIGHT’ will be available for purchase starting Friday, October 7, 2022. For more info, follow its Bandcamp profile here.

To help those affected by the Pakistan floods crisis, donate through the charities below.
Donate via Islamic Relief UK here.
Donate via British Red Cross here.
Donate via Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) here.
Donate via UNICEF here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Editorial Assistant, follow her on Instagram.

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