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Eastern Margins embarks on a six-city Southeast Asian tour

The ‘Road 2 Redline Tour’ features artists who contributed to the label's ‘Redline Legends’ compilation

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 9 May 2023
Eastern Margins embarks on a six-city Southeast Asian tour

London-based collective Eastern Margins is headed our way for a Southeast Asia tour from May 25-June 4. The ‘Road 2 Redline Tour’ will be showcasing some of the label’s artists previously featured in their ‘Redline Legends’ compilation that celebrated East and South Asian club culture.

The upcoming tour is organized by artists Lumi and AR with Jakarta-based initiative Archipelago Festival, along with some up-and-coming local artists and collectives from each city they venture into.

The team will be making its way on May 25 through Kuala Lumpur first as they land in one of the most popular underground spots in the city, Pisco. This gig will be joined by local label Tong Tong Asia and will include artists such as Shelhiel, rEmPiT g0dDe$$, Astral Angels, Core Values and Jaake.

The following day will see the tour travel to Dingdong Disko in Jakarta as collective Swanky Express pulls out the Funkot sounds from Indonesia with wardrobefanatic, Magis, Di0r, Kaizen and Xandega.

Carrying the same musical note just a little down south of Jakarta, they will be hitting the ground over in Bandung at Artotel with Bear the Brunt where Yogyakartan crew PRONTAXAN will flood the dancefloors with fast-pumping Funkot pyrotechnics joined by fellow beat purveyors Xin Lie, D-Black b2b Vimmal and Fyahman.

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June will start off in one of Manila’s hot spots for regular beat purveyors, Apotheka. The night will be led by Manila Community Radio co-founder Jorge Wieneke V aka obese.dogma777 as he brings the Filipino sounds of Budots alongside other artists such as dot.jaime, LONER, Teya Logos, T33G33 and Dignos.

Flying over the next day to Bangkok, the team pairs up with collective Blaq Lyte who has been a burgeoning part of the underground scene since 2014. The night will take place at their rooftop club, Blaq Lyte Air, with panoramic views of the city against the sounds of Sarayu and DJ DRAGON.

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As their last and final stop, the ‘Road 2 Redline Tour’ will be landing at Arcan in Saigon with the sounds of Vietnam’s popular vinahouse alongside obese.dogma777, LARRIA. Puppy Ri0t, and Tizone. Check out the tour dates below.

- 25 May @ Pisco Bar, Kuala Lumpur
- 26 May @ Ding Dong Disko, Jakarta
- 27 May @ Artotel, Bandung
- 1 June @ Apotheka, Manila
- 2 June @ Blaq Lyte Air, Bangkok
- 3 June @ Arcan, Saigon

For more info and updates on Eastern Margins and their tour, follow them on Instagram here.

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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