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Serious dub magic from Blanc du Blanc gets the nod from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

Listen now: The Blanc Album stretches the boundaries of dub

  • Sean Dinsmore
  • 29 October 2020
Serious dub magic from Blanc du Blanc gets the nod from Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry

Blanc du Blanc, alternatively spelt BlancDUBlanc is a new project of authentic roots-style dub music from American musical renaissance man Chris Harford, along with an eclectic group of collaborators from various well-known East Coast jam bands. The saxophone is provided by Dana Colley (Morphine), while skateboarder Chuck Treese (Bad Brains) lays down the drums and guitar — Marc Benevento and Joe Russo from JRad also contribute keys, guitars and anything else they find in the studio.

The whole idea for Blanc du Blanc seems to be one of sonic exploration and experimentation. The dub and reggae bonafides are the real deal — the project has been blessed by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, who also provides a forthcoming remix. 'The Blanc Album' delivers an expected analogue-feel filled with desirable Echoplexes and Space Echoes and with a multi-layered, bass-driven framework of top-notch studio production.

Check out the lead single ‘Traffic Signals Dub’ below.

If you don’t have a woofer at home to get your low-end frequencies in order, then grab your headphones for a bubbly ride of 13 mind-bending tracks reminiscent of past masters like Scientist or Mad Professor, but as if they were chopping up and mixing great, stylistically eclectic jam band music. It’s a sonic stew that grooves and oozes creativity, while staying just within the already elastic boundaries of dub.

Bland du Blanc ‘The Blanc Album’ is out now on Soul Selects and is available on all major digital platforms and limited edition 45 RPM white vinyl from Soul Selects. You can listen and buy here.

Blanc du Blanc also provided the soundtrack to one of Mixmag Asia's favourite green videos. Space out to 'Plant Music' with Blanc du Blanc below.

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