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Drum’n’bass from Indonesia shines on Muztang & Yacko's latest collab

‘Baddie’ is an attitude-heavy, high-octane floor filler, out via Javabass Recordings

  • Henry Cooper
  • 14 June 2024
Drum’n’bass from Indonesia shines on Muztang & Yacko's latest collab

Muztang and Yacko, key figures in Indonesia's pioneering drum’n’bass scene, have just released their latest single, ‘Baddie’, through Javabass Recordings.

The track kicks off with Yacko's urgent and electrifying raps paired with Muztang's bare-bones production, before diving headfirst into a gritty, high-energy banger.

While it doesn't break new ground in the genre, it delivers exactly what fans crave: a bass-heavy, adrenaline-pumping track perfect for the dancefloor.

Muztang and Yacko are no strangers to success in their work. Muztang's previous release, ‘Run’ holds the record as the most streamed d’n’b track in Indonesia.

Yacko, a highly respected rapper, always adds her signature style to the duo's many collaborations, making ‘Baddie’ a much-anticipated and invigorating addition to the local scene.

Their performance together at last year’s Wonderfruit further cements their status as top-tier artists.

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Javabass Soundsystem, a dominant force in Indonesia’s d’n’b scene for over 25 years, has hosted the monthly event PHUNKTION since 2003 and has been a significant label (Javabass Recordings) since 2013.

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They've co-promoted some of Indonesia's leading events, from underground gatherings to major raves, including Gatecrasher 2002, Jakarta Movement 2003-2005, and the two-day d'n'b festival, Paradise in Bali 2010, by Australia's Jungle Box.

The Javabass crew will also be performing at LOCUS festival in Bali this weekend.

Purchase Muztang and Yacko’s ‘Baddie’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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