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DOTT flips the indie switch on Dogwhine remix pack

​Bangkok's very own churns out 3 dance floor jams

  • Winston West
  • 19 November 2021
DOTT flips the indie switch on Dogwhine remix pack

DOTT DOTT DOTT... it seems impossible to stop talking about Bangkok's local underground hero at the moment and for good reason. When he isn't pumping out creative and playful dance floor gems in his analogue heavy studio, he's either working on his vinyl focussed record label or running Bangkok's very first underground electronic record store — both under the name More Rice.

Out today is DOTT's latest piece of work, a three-track remix pack for local experimental indie band Dogwhine titled Dogwhine The Remixes. The band normally creates music fusing elements of jazz, post-punk, rock, indie and far-out sounds, and pulling in DOTT to rework their originals into dance records was a stroke of genius.

Released via Sundae Records, Dogwhine The Remixes sees DOTT go to work with heavy layers of the originals, slicing and dicing them while juicing them up with his signature analogue percussion programming and bass riffs.

'Masquerade Ball (DOTT Broke My Shoes Mix)’ is full-on mental dance floor fun. Random chops of the band's vocals, drum rolls, guitar riffs and even horns are scattered around in sonic randomness overtop the punchy drums and groovy bassline synonymous with DOTT's regular output. ' Democrazy (DOTT Bumps In The Dark)’ creeps and crawls with spooky vocals scattered over shuffling percussive patterns. 'Merit (DOTT Chop Chop Mix)' is a high energy affair with speedy drums and psychedelic rock guitar riffs.

All in all the EP is a fantastic fusion of two Thai creative music projects coming together to produce something really spectacular.

Dogwhine The Remixes is available November 18, 2021 via all major platforms here

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