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DJ Ground has released a new fierce, genre-defying EP ‘Insight’

Taiwanese DJ fuses former deathcore influence with bass darkness

  • Waiying ho
  • 4 February 2020
DJ Ground has released a new fierce, genre-defying EP ‘Insight’

DJ Ground started his DJ life at 19, and since 2011 the technically skilled DJ has won trophies in different DJ competitions – namely Taiwan DMC and Redbull Thre3Style Taiwan competitions. He also was runner-up in the ‘Monstercat Top 5 Chinese electronic music’ competition in 2017. This led him to perform at major music festivals around the world, such as ULTRA Taiwan and Looptopia, and signing to the electronic music label ROKON in 2017.

Deeply attached to the dark territory of Bass style, DJ Ground has now released a fierce, emotional new EP ‘Insight’ (January 10).

Collaborating with Taiwanese Deathcore band Flesh Juicer on the lead song ‘Wu Bing Shi Gan Bingren’, an dark, scorching exercise in avant-garde Metalstep mixed with screaming vocals and wildly syncopated beats that meld between dubstep, drum and bass and hardcore tempos.

Listen here:

DJ Ground has certainly carved out his own electronic style without being bound to any one established genre. Paying tribute to his label, he also included a song 'Rokon' which also fluctuates between Mid-tempo and Drum & Bass tempos effectively.

Listen ‘Insight’ EP here:

[Via DJ Ground]