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Curious Taiwanese farmer arrested for accidental cultivation of cannabis…which he reported

"Mr. Yeh" is said to face a less severe sentence for reporting his stash & not getting high on his own supply

  • Words: Henry Cooper | Image: jcomp via Freepik
  • 1 September 2023
Curious Taiwanese farmer arrested for accidental cultivation of cannabis…which he reported

A farmer living in Miaoli County, Taiwan, may face potential legal action for accidental cannabis possession despite reporting the plants to the police.

The farmer, referred to as ‘Mr. Yeh’, found a packet of unknown seeds by a bin on the side of the road and, out of curiosity, planted them on his farm, only to discover that they sprouted into cannabis plants three months later.

Mr. Yeh said in an official statement to the police that he found the seeds in February and noticed the growth of three planted seedlings only after three long months.

Due to their slow growth, he initially had no idea what the plants were. Eventually, he started to guess that they might be cannabis plants, although not 100% sure.

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In an attempt to identify the mysterious plant, Mr. Yeh turned to the police for answers. Upon showing up, they discovered three plants along with a collection of around 800 seeds, which they later identified as cannabis. Unsurprisingly, they confiscated the evidence — along with Mr. Yeh who got taken in for questioning.

They conducted urine tests on Mr. Yeh, which gave negative results for controlled substances, showing he wasn’t high on his own accidental supply.

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Background checks on Mr. Yeh also unveiled no prior history of drug possession or related offences. Despite this, law enforcement said they had to follow procedure and took him for prosecution.

As Yeh willingly reported the plants and seeds to the police, he will face a less severe sentence, but he still faces prosecution for the mishap.

Via: Taipei Times

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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