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Audio Asia: Chida works nocturnal magic into Coyote's 'Fragnatize Me'

The Tokyo stalwart adds bite to the astrally-charged original via his sublime rework


  • Patrizio Cavaliere | Powered by Pioneer DJ
  • 12 July 2022
Audio Asia: Chida works nocturnal magic into Coyote's 'Fragnatize Me'

Title: Fragnatize Me (Chida Remix)
Artist: Coyote
Label: MM Discos
Release Date: Out now

Tokyo underground mainstay Chida returns with a mesmerising rework of Coyote's 'Fragnatize Me'.

The celebrated digger and Ene Records boss has long been regarded as a key figure of Japan's esoteric music scene. He's known for his free-flowing and divergent DJ sets, and has released impeccably-crafted sounds on labels including ESP Institute, Not An Animal, and Clandestino. Coyote, meanwhile, are formed of UK-based duo Timm Sure and Richard 'Ampo' Hampson. The duo are revered members of the free-wheeling Balearic community, and co-founders of the horizontally-inclined Is It Balearic? label. Outside of releasing material on their own imprint, the pair have appeared on benchmark outlets including Music For Dreams, International Feel, and Needwant among many others.

The saucer-eyed original version of 'Fragnatize Me' features acidic waves delicately permeating phasing pads as thick drums help maintain an earthly connection. The title appears on a four-track EP alongside the slightly more rugged 'Exodus', with the titles lovingly remixed by Chida and Ruff Dug, respectively. Steering the music further into the stratosphere, Chida toughens the rhythm while gently nudging the tempo, embellishing the original instrumentation with tripped-out chords and throbbing bass. Delicately hallucinatory but embodied with club-focused thrust, his deviant is poised to ignite nocturnal dancefloors.

Coyote 'Fragnatize Me (Chida Remix) is out now. You can buy it here

Patrizio Cavaliere is Mixmag Asia's Music Editor. Follow him on Instagram

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