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​CoolGeek unveils a slick turntable that plays records vertically

Enjoy the best of the past with the capabilities of the present

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 12 March 2023
​CoolGeek unveils a slick turntable that plays records vertically

Believing that vinyl's artwork is as fascinating of a component as the crisp yet crackling sound of a record playing, Hong Kong-based Danish industrial designer CoolGeek has unveiled the VS-01, a two-speed turntable that plays vinyl records vertically, putting your records in full view while you listen.

Equipped with a high-end, high-wind Danish needle head as well as two-way Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, the VS-01 brings modern-day quality sound to old-age record design. The player has also been fitted out with a built-in 5W hybrid mid/tweeter driver, 30W heavy bass unit, Japanese NIDEC silent high-speed motor and what CoolGeek calls "state-of-the-art closed-loop control technology" so it can be programmed to play records at both 33.3 and 45 RPM. The record and carbon fiber tonearm are also placed upright to minimize dust falling, so the needle stays stable and does not slip during playback.

"VS-01 integrates Nordic modernity style and classic feelings to adopt Danish stylus head (Ortofon OM 5E), paying tribute to the golden age of vinyl, and creates a record player with visual freshness and professional sound quality for you," reads a press release.

But it's the impressive upright, levitating design combined with slick vintage appeal that delivers a wow effect and will turn heads…right in your living room. Four fun colourways impart the turntable's elegant vintage aesthetic: Viridian, Cherry Pink, Saddle and Ivory White. The front panel features a single illuminated encoder to control the player.

The project launched on Kickstarter to raise $5,000, and closed on February 14, coming in well past its original goal at $66,654. While the campaign is now over, you can pursue the CoolGeek website and pick up a similar player that will serve as your living room's modern statement piece.

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