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Coachella is selling lifetime passes as NFTs

Extra special news for NFT collectors in our space below

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 10 February 2022
Coachella is selling lifetime passes as NFTs

As we all predicted, the space in the metaverse has grown exponentially to lengths that has everyone in the industry talking a buzz about what’s the newest and best NFT in the market. As we see more and more brands join the game, Coachella makes its mark this month with the launch of its newest collection of 11,010 NFTs that have been out on the Solana marketplace since February 4.

It’s no big surprise that Coachella has ramped up the competition and stakes by including unique experiences that money used to not be able to buy. That includes the crème de la crème of the release, the ‘Coachella Keys Collection’ — a select 10 NFTs that gives its owner lifetime access to the festivities. Each of these 10 keys is unique to itself, however, all 10 keys have basic (can we even say basic?) perks such as dedicated viewing areas, backstage passes, golf cart transportation, VIP access and Coachella produced virtual experiences in the future.

If you specifically own the ‘Key to the Secret Party’, you’ll be entitled to additional perks such as inviting 50 guests to your very own Coachella produced party with a surprise guest host and open bar, or if you own the ‘Key to the Dinner in the Garden’, you’ll be entitled to a culinary experience by a professional chef at the Rose Garden for you and three guests. Or, there is the unheard-of experience called ‘Key to the Sahara’, which is the ability to go on stage at the Sahara tent for one performance. Currently, these special NFTs are being auctioned on the Coachella marketplace for a week and some keys are starting with a minimum bid of $80,000 — talk about breaking the bank.

For the remaining 11,000 NFTs, we’re coming back down to earth with two collections that are based solely on the artistic base of what this Music and Arts Festival is all about. The first collection is the ‘Desert Reflections Collection’ and features 1,000 NFTs based around 1 of 10 renditions of a digital Coachella poster created by artist Emek. Each of these virtual posters can then be redeemed for a physical copy of Coachella’s coffee table books of over 400 pages that include photographs, art, fans and artists from the festival from 1999-2019. The second collection, the ‘Sights and Sounds Collection’ fall to the remainder of 10,000 NFTs which includes 110 festival photos and never heard before soundscapes. Each of these can be redeemed once for a photograph of the digital print. Both collections are sold out since the day of mint and its secondary sales have hit the roof with pieces selling from a range of $60 to over $30 million currently.

One of their Sights and Sounds Collection pieces, ‘Spectra #117’ is selling for a casual $80,0842,069. Oh no problem, let me just reach into my virtual wallet of monopoly money.

For more information on these Coachella NFTs, you can head over to their website or if you’d like to place your million dollar bids, explore their marketplace in which they’ve partnered up with FTX US.

To our fellow ravers in the metaverse: watch this space for something duck-tastic coming soon from our friends at IT’S THE SHIP — check out their cryptic video teaser from last month or follow their Twitter for more updates.

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