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​Chosen Masters launches free merchandise maker for artists

The audio mastering company sets the bar higher by relieving artists of merch overheads

  • 21 November 2023
​Chosen Masters launches free merchandise maker for artists

Audio mastering company Chosen Masters has launched a brand new free-to-use ‘merch maker’ in an effort to relieve artists of weighty overheads.

Chosen Masters announced that the service will be “absolutely free”, allowing artists to “focus on their creativity and brand without worrying about overheads”.

The merchandising arm of Chosen Masters will service those all over the world, offering low-cost delivery when sent to fans - from New York to Nairobi to New Delhi.

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First launched in 2022, Chosen Masters offers artists a simple and cost-effective way to master their music online while also providing them with a variety of high-quality solutions, put together by Elon Sharar and his team. The software is all online, all on the cloud, with no downloading necessary.

Another new addition to the Chosen Masters service is the Quartz Mastering Engine, a “monumental update” promising to redefine the boundaries of online AI mastering.

The Quartz Mastering Engine offers an all-new Warm Mode, designed for those wanting a fuller, transparent master. It’s said to be “perfect for almost any song or mixdown” retaining the original essence of a track while enhancing its sonic quality.

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A new Modern Mastering Mode has also been added by Chosen Masters, back by popular demand. It offers a “pristine, new-aged sound”, giving a premium quality to any mix. “Songs mastered with this mode are set to stand shoulder to shoulder with the biggest chart-toppers of 2023 and beyond,” says Elon Sharar.

With its new additions, Chosen Masters has revamped its pricing structure, providing top-tier mastering services starting at just US$5.99 a month for solo artists or bands. Check it out here.

Gemma Ross is Mixmag's Assistant Editor, follow her on Twitter

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