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Chiang Mai: Siam Modular presents Plexus III

Saturday, October 28, 2023

  • Siam Modular
  • 24 September 2023
Chiang Mai: Siam Modular presents Plexus III

Event: Siam Modular presents Plexus III
Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023
Time: 4pm-12am
City/Country: Chiang Mai/Thailand
Venue: The Hungry Croc, Thai Herb Co, 4 Tai Wang Rd, Chang Moi, Chiang Mai
Organiser: Siam Modular
Line-Up: Asio Host, Daydream Devices, Mahakit Mahaniranon, Pradit Saengkrai, Sonic Odyssey, Unsaved State, Voxmachina & Wuthichai
Tickets: THB150 (At the door)

PLEXUS III will be your go-to Halloween party in Chiang Mai, with live and modular electronic performances all night long, organised by the country's first modular synth company, Siam Modular.

Summoned from the four corners of the land, electronic wizards, alchemists and weird scientists converge, bringing their esoteric machines and twisted modular reanimators to conjure arcane vibrations, unnatural textures and rhythmical golems from the ether.

Daytime rites include ambient, experimental, sound art and down-tempo sounds by Mahakit Mahaniranon, Daydream Devices, Pradit Saengkrai, Wuthichai and Asio Host.

After dark festivities will descend into an undead rave of house, techno, electro and acid with Voxmachina, Sonic Odyssey and Unsaved State.

Stick around and experience a fire show, clear sound, stocked bar, dispensary and tasty food being served, along with live modular visuals from Daydream Devices, Red Drum and Sonic Odyssey.

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